Financial Planning

No goal is achieved without adequate planning. With our Financial Planning Service, your investments are thoroughly tracked, monitored and regulated to ensure that your goals are always within your grasp.


"Understand yourself better"
We create your risk profile, not just on the basis of your numbers but also on an in-depth understanding of your way of life. In the process of making a wealth plan, our first step is to assess your capacity for undertaking financial risk. Your responsibilities, objectives, personality and other variables determine your risk capacity. We help you arrive at a thorough understanding of your risk-taking ability through extensive research of your demographic and socio- economic profile.


"Balancing risk and return"
Different asset classes offer different returns in terms of how long your stay invested in them, it is important to diversify your portfolio to the changing investment climate.
Asset allocation is the process of deciding how to distribute wealth among various asset classes and sectors. Our financial advisors aim to develop the most appropriate allocation plan suited to your risk portfolio. Your wealth is then carefully distributed among various asset classes like equity, debt, real estate and other alternatives to maximize your returns.


"Access to a wide range of products"
Our advisors help you discover a host of avenues for investment that match your financial vision.
These products are common avenues to grow wealth and can be broadly classified into two categories- traditional and specialized products. Depending on your investment requirements, a combination of products can be chosen for your portfolio.

How it Works